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College Application Essays

You have arrived on this page because you are a high school student who is wondering how to put your college applications together, or you are a parent who is concerned about whether your teenager is hitting the mark in writing the essays that colleges and scholarships require for their applications.

Since my time as a faculty member at Morehouse College many moons ago, I have helped students to write essays that present the best of who they are.

Students are often hesitant to write about their passions and experiences. They don’t see the value in their stories that adults see very clearly. Remember that the admissions officers who will be looking at the essays appreciate learning about people and their stories.

High school students are capable of remarkable feats. When I was a high school student, I didn’t know that my path was anything special. I was a child of divorce who was raised by a disabled single mother. My mother passed away during the summer before my senior year, and I graduated in the top 10% of my class. Now, I know that I could have written about how important focus and perseverance were to my life. Now, I know the questions to ask high school students, questions about what has made their journey special. 

A Word to College Applicants

Perhaps, you are a community volunteer who is passionate about a certain issue. Maybe, you are a leader at your school. Whatever the case, you have something that you can use to frame your story in a way that may appeal to colleges and scholarship providers.

If you could use a writing coach for this new experience of writing college application essays, reach out. Let’s work together on this journey to your college goals.