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Résumés/LinkedIn Profiles

Résumés and Cover Letters


Doc’s Editing Shop will present the story of your career in themes—with strong details from your experience that show the best of what you have done.

Yes, employers still want to see your résumé, and they still want a cover letter. The frustration for you might be the same as it has always been: how to fit all that you have done into a couple of pages. The good news is that you don’t have to tell it all. Doc’s Editing Shop can develop a strategy tailored just for you.

LinkedIn Profiles

A LinkedIn profile is not a résumé. The best LinkedIn profiles are multimedia displays of career experience. Your profile can serve as the foundation for engagement with your online community, including potential employers.

Your audience will be looking for certain information that is presented in a certain way in certain places. Doc’s Editing Shop can help.

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