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​Book Editing

Publishing a scholarly book is a major marker in the career of an academic researcher. Whether an edited volume or a monograph of one’s own work, such a document requires the management of quality and time. A dedicated substantive editor can assist with the attention to detail that you need during the constrained period to publication.
Doc’s Editing Shop provides

  • Tactfully stated guiding comments to each author to ensure high-quality scholarly writing.
  • Markup of text that needs to be rearranged or bolstered with more support.
  • Control of draft versions.
  • Consistency of style throughout.
  • Organization.
  • Proofreading.

Substantive Editor for the Following Books

Biostatistics for Clinical and Public Health Research (558 pages) – Published by CRC Press (A Taylor & Francis Group)
Author: Melody S. Goodman

“Thanks to Sharese T. Willis for being brave enough to take on the challenge of editing a biostatistics book. You took what I thought were solid drafts and completely reworked them, making them much better.” – Melody S. Goodman

Men’s Health Equity: A Handbook (578 pages) – Published by Routledge
Edited by Derek M. Griffith, Marino A. Bruce, Roland J. Thorpe, Jr.

“Dr. Sharese Terrell Willis of Doc’s Editing Shop, you were truly a Godsend. We are so thankful that we found you on LinkedIn. You paid such critical attention to detail, and you were willing to go beyond our expectations and our contractual obligations to make sure that all aspects of this project met a very high standard of clarity, precision, and uniformity.” – Derek M. Griffith

Public Health Research Methods for Partnerships and Practice (340 pages) – Published by CRC Press (A Taylor & Francis Group)
Edited by Melody S. Goodman and Vetta Sanders Thompson

Poverty and Place: Cancer Prevention among Low-Income Women of Color (edited several chapters) – Published by Rowman & Littlefield
Authors: Anjanette Wells, Vetta L. Sanders Thompson, Will Ross, Carol Camp Yeakey, Sheri Notaro

Examples of work I have edited