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Other Specialized Documents

Medical Communications

 The quality control needs of pharmaceutical and medical communications companies are varied—from editing slide decks to regulatory documents. Take a look at Doc’s Editing Shop’s competencies that will help you to move your project along:

        AMA style


      Substantive Editing


      Medical Terminology

      Oncology Terminology

      Understanding of Scientific Literature


Grant Editing

You might have squeezed time from your schedule to write the grant, but you don’t have time to check for redundancies, gaps in logic, and lapses in consistency.

Doc’s Editing Shop can help you to add flow to your document so that busy reviewers will give your application the time that your work deserves.

See Ending HIV 901, which Doc’s Editing Shop edited for the Tennessee Department of Health in its response to a call from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Editing of Reports

As a university instructor for several years, I taught students how to write technical reports. Your audience has particular expectations of reports, and I can help you to meet these expectations.

A client needed to submit a report after the completion of grant activities. See the final version here.